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Why is Maintaining Your Computer Important

Just like maintenance on your car, house or even your own body, routine computer maintenance can provide tremendous benefits while saving time and money.

Computer preventive maintenance means the operating system is more likely to be cleaned, fine-tuned and better prepared for the unexpected. If routinely scheduled maintenance tasks are not implemented, computers become infected, tweaked and not ready for whatever happens. While every mishap cannot be avoided, even small efforts made in this area increase a computer operating system's performance. Therefore, the investment versus payback ratio alone makes preventive maintenance important.

Running scheduled tasks such as Defragmentation and Disk Cleanup can make a computer run faster. Do not wait for a disastrous event such as a system failure due to an overloaded volume on the hard drive disk. Instead, remove excess files on a timely schedule so that there will always be enough room. Fewer computer slowdowns will result from taking these preventive measures.

When updating drivers are a task included in a preventive maintenance plan, the computer systems are running at their best with the latest compatibility hardware and software drivers installed. Selecting "Automatic Updates" and checking manufacturers' websites regularly for updates also help in these efforts.

When the CPU (central processing unit) is kept within a stable range that is conducive to restricting overheating, system functionality remains more consistent. Computer strain resulting from overworked processes can quickly sneak up on a CPU if it is forced to utilize the last few percentages of available memory. The CPU's power-saving options should be set for maximum performance without risk of overheating. This should be reviewed regularly in case changes to the system have occurred since the last maintenance check.

The Task Manager can be used to allocate memory usage priority to those processes and programs that are most utilized. By viewing the Processes and Performance tabs, real-time CPU usage and peak performance days and times can be determined.

Backing up your computer by creating an image is vital in preventive maintenance efforts. Running this task prior to and after conducting major system changes is beneficial to prepare for any unfortunate computer failure. If recovery disks are already on the computer preventive maintenance timetable, there is no need to think about it in between schedules.

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